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Product Brief Introduction:
W-Cu heat sink material is a composite of tungsten and copper, with both tungsten low expansion characteristics, but also has copper of high thermal conductivity properties, and the tungsten and copper in the thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity can be adjusted with the W-Cu composition, also the composite can be machined to various shape, these features make the application of this composite with great convenience. The thermal expansion can be adjusted to match with the following material:
(1) Ceramic materials: Al2O3(A-90,A-95,A-99),BeO(B-95, B-99),AlN,etc;
(2) Semiconductor materials: Si, GaAs, SiGe,SiC, GaP,GaAs;
(3) Metal Material: Kovar alloy(4J29), 42 alloy;

The quality of our composite is the leader in China, contributed with our strict quality control measures. Our porosity is very low; our surface/volume ratio (measured with BET) is only 50% of similar products in the market. (Based on the measurements of 100 pieces of 5*5*2 mm W80-Cu20 composite). Our products have high hermeticity and can pass the He mass-spectrometor leak test.(<<5*10^-9Pa·m3/S).

Our Tungsten Copper Composite Features:
□ No Fe, Co, Ni, Mn and other elements added as the sintering activator, to maintain a high thermal conductivity
□ Excellent hermeticity
□ Can provide semi-finished or finished (Ni/Au plated) products
□ Precision machining and excellent dimensional control, surface finish and flatness
□ With close technical supports including product design, custom manufacturing, testing and post sale supports.

Product Properties:
Physical Properties of Major Products

Material Wt%
Tungsten Content
Copper Content
Density at 20℃
Thermal conductivity at 25℃ Coefficient of thermal
expansion at 20℃
W90Cu10 90 ± 1 Balance 17.0 180 - 190 6.5
W85Cu15 85 ± 1 Balance 16.4 190 - 200 7.0
W80Cu20 80 ± 1 Balance 15.6 200 - 210 8.3
W75Cu25 75 ± 1 Balance 14.9 220 - 230 9.0
W50Cu50 50 ± 1 Balance 12.2 310 - 340 12.5
These composite are widely used in applications such as, optoelectronics packages, Microwave Packages, C Packages, Laser Sub-mounts. etc.

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