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Product Brief Introduction:
Cu/Mo/Cu(CMC) is a sandwich composite including a molybdenum core layer and two copper clad layers. It has tailorable CTE, high thermal conductivity and high strength. All types of Cu/Mo/Cu sheets can be stamped into components.

The features of copper molybdenum copper
□ Large sized sheets available (length up to XXmm, width up to XXXmm)
□ Can be stamped into components
□ Strong interface bonding resist to 850℃ heat shock repeatedly
□ Tailorable CTE matching that of semiconductor and ceramics
□ High thermal conductivity
Product Properties:
Materials Density at 20℃ Coefficient of thermal expansion at 20℃ Thermal conductivity at 25 ℃
In - plane thru - thickness
13:74:13 9.88 5.6 200 170
1:4:1 9.75 6.0 220 180
1:3:1 9.66 6.8 244 190
1:2:1 9.54 7.8 260 210
1:1:1 9.32 8.8 305 250
Applications are similar with W-Cu composites.
Typical Applications: Microwave carriers and heat sinks, BGA Packages, LED packages, GaAs device mounts.

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